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Named because they are an odd couple indeed since only one of them has ADHD, and they are not, in fact, a couple at all. This popular 70-episode podcast series focuses on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Each 15-20 minute episode features valuable information with explanations, insight and tips on challenges like procrastination, distraction, organization, time management, prioritization, emotional self-regualtion and overwhelm.

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The Facts - Understanding ADHD

Episodes to help you develop a full understanding of the condition. What means to have ADHD? What it doesn't mean? What causes it? How is it effectively treated?

ADHD Strategies & Tips

Episodes to give you practical strategies, tips and management tools along with ideas to help you deal with the realities of ADHD in your everyday life.

Insider's View Of ADHD

Episodes that provide you with insight regarding what having ADHD actually feels like. Explanations of unseen implications, to help create more self-awareness in the way you see yourself as well as the world around you.

While No Longer Available On iTunes...

This is the only way to get this popular and insightful series known for its dual perspective view on a condition that remains undiagnosed in approximately 85% of adults who have it.